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From the initial planning of our farm to nurturing our coffee plants for years to growing, harvesting, and all the way through production we have a unique method that helps us achieve wonderful results.  Our ultimate goal is to produce delicious world-class coffee that people will enjoy and of course spread the word too.  We love our farm and we enjoy our coffee and lucky for us the critics have rated OUR coffee as some of the best.  Below we will talk about the process we go through that produces our delicious Ka'u Coffee.

Picking the Coffee Beans

Picking coffeeThe process of picking coffee may sound simple but it takes a good deal of time.  Since coffee does not ripen all at once as some crops do, our harvest season lasts for months.  Every month we go through our entire farm and pick the ripe coffee cherries, leaving the green ones on the tree.  The green coffee and the red ripe coffee beans are all mixed together on the tree so each bean must be picked by hand.  We only pick the best dark red and purple coffee cherries for our quality Ka'u Coffee.

Processing the Coffee Beans

Processing the coffeeThis is the method converting the coffee cherries into what we call "green" coffee. The cherry has the fruit or pulp removed leaving the seed or bean which is then dried.  This process includes pulping, fermenting, washing, draining, and drying. While all green coffee is processed, our "signature" method is what varies from many others and significantly effects the flavor of roasted and brewed coffee.

Roasting the Coffee Beans

Roasting the coffeeRoasting the beans is another vital process and lucky for us we use the Hilo Coffee Mill to do this part for us.  They specialize in roasting and a large number of Hawaii coffee farms use them too.

Packaging the Coffee Beans

This is the final step in the production of our coffee and the simplest.  We put our freshly roasted coffee beans into air-tight vacuum sealed bags to maintain optimal freshness.  From here we put our signature Aroma Coffee Farm label and mark the roast type and voila - READY TO SHIP!

Selling & Distribution

Aroma Coffee Farm Hawaii sells our coffee ONLINE to YOUR and also to a handful of up-scale markets and restaurants including Alan Wong's restaurant in Oahu.  We are fortunate that so many local restaurant and business owners realize the quality of Ka'u coffee and make a distinct choice to use our coffee over so many others.

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