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PO Box 237
Pahala, Hawaii 96777
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We are asked quite often "Why is the Aroma Farms Ka'u coffee so great?" and we reply simply "It's EVERYTHING about Ka'u that makes our coffee great!".  There is no quick and simple answer because it's a combination of weather, elevation, and our personal care that makes it what it is.

  • We planted our coffee farm over 10 years ago and have given our plants the utmost care
  • The elevation of our farm is 1,900 feet - some say this had a very beneficial effect
  • The precipitation here is just enough to keep our plants happy and to keep watering efforts at a minimum
  • The air here is so clean with the Island tradewinds gently blowing nearly 300 days a year
  • Nurturing of our farm with a gentle touch - by hand - by the Biason family
The Ka'u View from our farm

Besides having a great climate and the ability to work on our farm year-round, it is our personal touch that we feel adds to the value and taste of our coffee.  The critics have given us great praise and we hope you will too.  Please send us your feedback and of course you can buy our coffee online too.

The Biason family working 

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